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The Human Dimensions of Natural Resources Lab (HDNR) examines the human element relating to use, development and management of natural resources. Understanding social constructs enables resource use assessment, encourages grounded management and empowers stakeholders in policy development.

Our lab houses a wide range of research capabilities and expertise related to human dimensions of natural resources. If you would like to discuss potential opportunities or collaborations feel free to contact our lab and we will be glad to visit with you.

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About Our Lab

Our Approach: The mission of our Lab is to examine human dimensions associated with use, development and management of natural resources. Mitigation of natural resource issues involves balancing varied social expectations with ecological stewardship. In order to effectively navigate these complex cultural, economic and political waters, policy makers must be equipped with a comprehensive understanding of the underlying issues. Our approach is to develop and promote a fundamental conceptual understanding of human environment interactions via empirical investigation couched in theoretical insight. We incorporate multi-level stakeholder knowledge and sound research techniques in a collaborative effort to define and refine these natural resource issues. This strategy enables us to collect comprehensive and relevant data thereby providing grounded recommendations for resource management and policy development.

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